Screw Pilings

Clean Cut Fabrication has the capability of mass producing screw pilings. Past jobs have ranged from 2 7/8″ diameter up to 30″ pipe pilings with multiple helix’s. 

Contact us for any of your pile, helix or pile cap inquiries!

CNC Plasma Cutting

Our 400 Amp & 130 Amp plasma tables allow us to take on large scale cutting jobs. Precise and efficient cutting helps to produce high quality plasma cut parts. Shown below is an example of 2.5″ thick parts cut on our 400 Amp table:

Custom Fabrication

Clean Cut Fabrication is skilled in providing a variety of products built to suit our customers needs. We enjoy the challenge of new opportunities and invite your specialized product or job requirements!

Shown below are examples of our customized products:

Before & After Custom Awning – Cilantro & Chive Restaurant in Lacombe, AB

Steel Sales

We are proud to offer steel products for any project.  We stock a wide variety of pipe, channel, wide flange beams, plates, checker plate, HSS, a selection of aluminum and precut pile caps and helix’s. 

Contact us for any of your steel inquiries, we’re happy to discuss and accommodate your needs!