Training & Certifications

cwb-certification-mark-en-w47_1Clean Cut Fabrication is proud to be CWB CSA 47.1 Division 2 Certified since 1996.

We are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau for the 47.1 Certification. In order to achieve and maintain certification, companies engaged in welding are required to have their personnel qualified. From engineering, supervisory quality control and Journeymen welding, all follow approved welding procedures.

With the CWB 47.1 Certification, we make sure that all our weld quality and workmanship are of high standards and up to the high levels as specified by the design. As a CWB certified company, we have a focus on welding safety and are required to employ an adequate number of Welding Supervisors, with welding related experience, to control welding operations. 

There are currently 2 CWB Certified Supervisors employed to ensure that the certification’s standards are met. Clean Cut Fabrication is certified in SMAW & MCAW/FCAW in multiple positions.

For further information, please see the CWB website: CSA 47.1 Information